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Gran Canaria Property: Buying In The South? Just Go To Cárdenas Real Estate

Cárdenas Real Estate: Quality South Gran Canaria estate agency Cárdenas Real Estate: Quality South Gran Canaria estate agency www.photosgrancanaria.com

Buying a property in Gran Canaria is a big decision but it doesn't have to be a big risk. Here's everything you need to know to do it right.

The single best bit of advice we can give you is to use a good estate agency. The headaches involved in doing it alone are huge and the benefits of using an agency too large to ignore.

Make sure you choose a good one as anyone in Spain can set themselves up as an estate agency. 

Why use an estate agent?

A good estate agent in Gran Canaria is a guarantee that your purchase will work out.

Here are six good reasons why you should use one...

Their services are free to buyers

In Gran Canaria, the seller pays agency fees. This means that you get the help of someone who knows the local market and the buying process for free.

Agencies value property accurately

An owner's valuation of their property is often based on what they want it to sell for rather than what it is worth. A good agency can see the sale price and for-sale price of hundreds of properties. Their valuations are accurate at the time you want to buy.

To do this, an agency has to be connected to the BOICAN database. Check that yours is!

Often, using an agency saves you money as you negotiate from a position of strength.

They avoid language headaches

Once upon a time in Gran Canaria, a German man bought a property from a Norwegian family using a British agent. It all went fine because agents in Gran Canaria know how to handle language difficulties.

The most important languages for an agent to speak are your language and Spanish. That way you can communicate and they can communicate with local government offices.

And offer a big selection of properties

South Gran Canaria's main agencies pool their properties in a database called the BOICAN. They see detailed information about every property and can show them to their clients.

Don't choose your agent for the properties in their window. Choose them because they offer good service.

They avoid funny business

It's rare, but it happens. Here are the warning signs that your Gran Canaria property deal needs expert supervision.

  • When someone says, "don't worry about that, we'll handle it". Or "just sign this piece of paper and we'll take care of everything".
  • When someone stops answering your questions or gets evasive. You want complete transparency
  • When the owner asks for a percentage of the price in cash. This can give you a big tax bill down the road
  • When things just don't feel right
  • Keep it simple

Estate agents know the process and the costs associated with buying. They do all the fiddly bits for you so that you can focus on finding the right property. It makes the whole process simple and secure and you stay in control.

Lex Says: Don't buy a property in Gran Canaria's resorts that you plan to live in or rent out without talking to a professional. 

Choose an estate agent

Quality Gran Canaria estate agencies offer a complete service. They help you from the moment you meet until you're settled in your property.

  • They show you the best properties available on the market, not just the ones on their books.
  • They provide full disclosure about all associated costs and procedures. And give you legal and tax support from qualified experts
  • The best also provide after sales services such as tax advice and help setting up bills.

South Gran Canaria's estate agencies vary from good to barely competent. We advise you to skip them all and just go for excellent.

How do we know which one is best?

Because we work with them...

Alex Says: The Gran Canaria Info team works with Cárdenas Real Estate. We take photos for them and manage their social media accounts. We can vouch for their quality because we see it every day.

Cárdenas Real Estate

Cárdenas Real Estate is one of south Gran Canaria's biggest and best-known estate agencies. It started in 1980 and is still a family run business even though it has grown.

You can't miss their offices in Arguineguín, Puerto de Mogán and Puerto Rico.

Or their fleet of cars that whizz buyers to viewings all along the south coast.

Model agency

Cárdenas are pretty much the model Gran Canaria Estate Agency.

They focus on making sure that their clients find the right property for their needs. And give quality professional information and service all the way through the process.

The 500 positive client testimonials on their website say it all. They also have a blog full of useful information about Gran Canaria property.

Gran Canaria Info has provided independent information since 1998. We have no hesitation recommending Cárdenas Real estate without hesitation.

If you want a south Gran Canaria property, just go to Cárdenas. You won't regret it.

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